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Couch Of Gray

Hey, Keith. Looking good.




You’re gonna set the couch on fire.

“I’ll shit on your neck, muchacho.”

Chillax, Keith.





  1. you have to give Keith credit though, they played some long concerts in the 70s and to be able to sit up right at the piano/keyboards for 3 to 4 hours was a notable accomplishment, well done Keith.(sarcasm) In seriousness, Keith was great when he was on. His early years, the dark stars, and other big jams, great stuff. but i digress. MK

  2. This Keith pic made me go look at some other Keith pics (because I always like the people you aren’t supposed to in every band), and I found a couple that I hadn’t seen, I don’t think, here or elsewhere . . .

    In this one (May ’79, JGB show, apparently), he almost looks . . . normal? lucid? happy? I did not expect that so late in his story arc . . .

    And this one got me all confused, because that’s Mickey on keys, right? How/when did that happen?

    I need to go listen to some good Keith now.


  3. Y’know what I did this afternoon? I fell down the Keith Hole and read everything tagged to him here all the way back to January 2012. There was some real goo Keithin’ in there. Including both of those pics above that I forgot I had seen back in days gone by.

    I laughed more than my family found seemly. Thank you.

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