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It’s Mickey’s birthday today, and TotD loves Mickey; sure, I make fun of him once in a while, but that’s just because of his actions, decisions, attitude, and appearance.

70 more years of Drums, Mick. (Not at a time, though. Do not have a 70-year-long Drums at MSG on Halloween. Now: people are gonna be high as shit, so you and Billy can stretch that sucker out, but seven decades is pushing it.)

ALSO: has Mickey begun pretending that the horse-dosing story was a goof? I bet if he were asked in public, that he would say that he made that story up, and would never feed an animal hallucinogens.

“What? You believed that? I was just messing with the reporter. I would never do that, retroactively. You’d have to be a complete lunatic to give a horse LSD: are you claiming that I–Mickolas Hartbergstein of the Grateful Dead–am a complete lunatic? Show me the receipts!”




  1. I simply texted this to a few friends this morning:

    Today is Mickey’s 72nd birthday. So go bang on something. For a bit longer than anyone wants you to.

  2. Mickey only dosed horses that requested it.

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