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I have uploaded to my channel this newly-discovered clip from Englishtown not to steal anyone’s thunder, simply to spread its wacky goodness further. The news segment popped up this morning on Facebook, and then migrated to the Archive, and neither of them are YouTube. (Just put everything on YouTube. Don’t embed shit on Twitter, don’t use Instagram Stories, and for Christ’s sake stay away from Daily fucking Motion. DailyMotion is the Golden Corral of video streaming sites.) If anyone has any proprietary feelings towards the video, please inform me.

Otherwise, enjoy.


  1. What a wonderful, in depth coverage piece on the ole Grateful Dead. I like the following in particular:
    Fans who “used to call themselves Deadheads”
    Bobby in a tie dye tank top
    Helicoptered out overdoses and 2 women who gave birth

    Being only 8 years old at the time, I can only say that I certainly missed out on the good stuff.

  2. Where the heck is a Vid of the whole show, I ask ya. I’m sure it was video taped! Someone need to pry it out of Scheres hands

  3. lot of potato salad at the end there.

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