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Escape From Las Vegas

  • If I were a kid, I would have been ripshit about this hillbilly goofball preempting my Battlestar Galactica. 
  • And the show’s gonna be on at a weird time next week because of Roots?
  • What the fuck is Roots?
  • Is it about trees?
  • Fuck trees, I want Battlestar Galactica.
  • John Carpenter directed this bullshit.
  • Yes, that John Carpenter.
  • He didn’t do the score for this flick, though, which was the right decision.
  • Movie’s about Elvis, so it should have Elvis music.
  • Not chilly synthwave.
  • Hold on!
  • I’m seeing information come across the news desk!
  • Enthusiasts, a splinter group of monks of Without Research calling themselves Maybe Let’s Just Do The Bare Minimum found this nugget on Wikipedia:

  • That guy can’t help himself.
  • John Carpenter carpents.
  • Everything is in this film, it seems.
  • Tupelo.
  • Army.
  • Priscilla.
  • Mama.
  • Elvis’ crook-dick, sheep-thievin’, silverware-stealin’, two-headed possum of an imbecile of a daddy–
  • Vernon.
  • –Vernon; it’s all in there, which is contrary to the current trend in biographical pictures.
  • Couple years ago, they made a film about Elvis meeting Nixon.
  • (There was also a movie about Frost meeting Nixon. The Frost/Nixon movie came out first, but Elvis met Nixon in real life first. These are vital facts I’m sharing with you, and it’s necessary that you know them.)
  • Can this film be sent to me in some fashion?
  • I seek to procure it.
  • Aid me in this.


  1. The role of Charlie Hodge was played by . . . . Charlie Hodge.

    Because OF COURSE it was.

  2. Looks like Amazon has the DVD. They also have it on blu-ray, too, with the following bonus features:

    -“Bringing A Legend To Life” Featurette With Archival Interviews Of Kurt Russell And John Carpenter (1979)
    -Commentary By “The Voice Of Elvis” Ronnie McDowell And Author Edie Hand
    -Rare Clips From “American Bandstand”
    -Photo Gallery

  3. That looks really cool. Bought a double live record yesterday of Elvis in Hawaii beamed by satellite. Elvis was a cool guy.

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