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Fillmore, Hear Less


Reasons There’s No Official Stream For Tonight’s Free Fillmore Show:

  • Mickey believes that livestreaming steals one’s soul.
  • Couldn’t find anyone in San Francisco tech-savvy enough to set one up.
  • There was an EMP burst.
  • They were going to, but then Bobby got in in his head that they needed to “go viral” and then he bought himself a Chewbacca mask; everyone got so annoyed that they cancelled the stream without telling him.
  • Billy only goes online for porn, so if you put him on the internet, he takes his dick out.
  • “No livestreaming” is a condition of Jeff Chimenti’s parole.
  • Is it impossible to broadcast over the internet from the Fillmore: every time it’s tried, the signal goes dead; numerous witnesses have reported hearing a spectral voice yelling, “WHAT IS THIS FERKAKTA BULLSHIT?” right before the feed went down.
  • Band wants to test out Hologram Garcia in private. (Do not make Hologram Garcia.)
  • Building is a Faraday cage.
  • Because while they’re not the Dead anymore, they’re still kinda the Dead, and therefore: bush league.


  1. Since they are havin’ a Fillmore nostalgia thang, maybe they just want to encourage people to sneak cassette decks in? Maybe Parish will roam the crowd, grabbing decks from people?

    It’s true, that was a Winterland thing, but Winterland is no more, but its only two blocks away in our hearts (Post and Steiner, while the Fillmore is at Geary and Fillmore).

    Really, they should do this. Have a taper night, you get a discount if you bring a cassette deck, post them all on line, make a Super-Matrix of all 1500 audience tapes.

    It’ll never happen, but they should have a taper celebration.

  2. is anyone in our little community going? or 1st or 2nd degree FoToTDC?

  3. Mixlr seaphood-puddler or so I hear

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