Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

For Don

Get crazy with the cheez wiz.


  1. Carlos

    Ironically this version is my favourite ‘loser’ which is something I would not say about that spawn of the devil. I suppose Eddie the Eagle, Jamaican bobsled team and SuperDave Osborne would be 3 fav ‘losers’ now that I’m thinking of it. What a wonderful day!

  2. wabisabied

    I was at that show. Not inside, just at. I was one of those losers.

    There was a fella in all the lots back then we used to call “Have-a-Dollar-Joe.” I don’t know if his name was really Joe, but all we ever saw him do was walk around saying “Can I have a dollar?” to every single person he made eye contact with. In that Knickerbocker Arena lot, I was taking a break from flipping grilled cheeses, cruising along in the flow of the crowd, when all of a sudden there in my face was HaDJ, and you know what he said to me? “Oh, hi.”

  3. J. Eric Smith

    Saw soooooooooo many shows at the Knick over the years. (But many more at QE2 and Bogie’s, if any old Albanians or Metroland readers hereabouts).

    I think KISS reunion was the best of them. Or maybe Rush.

    • MJK

      saw my first shows at the Knick, less than an hour coming from western mass. but tipping heavily and going to the Boston Garden remains a highlight.

      • JES

        We had Western Mass in our reader catchment area, so I used to review occassional shows at Iron Horse Music Hall and Cafe Helsinki. I worked in Great Barrington for two years too, commuting from Albany area.

        • MJK

          Legendary Iron Horse in Northhampton, and Club Helsinki in G Barrington, just a few miles south of me,
          (Pittsfield) which despite its size, had its fair share of talent back in the day, You must have reviewed some good shows at those venues JES.

        • MJK

          who did you write for JES?

          • JES

            Primarily for Metroland, a once-great alternative newsweekly based in Albany that bit the dust a few years back under skeevy circumstances, alas . . .


            Yeah, many great shows at those venues. Hated the drive home late at night though!

        • MJK

          Used to watch Sounding Board on the PBS channel I picked up out of Albany, small world!

          • JES

            Hooray! I wrote for; booked and did “man on the street” bits the firat two seasons, then hosted for the final three seasons. About 100 shows in total. Great fun, and great that Time Warner was willing to make that investment. The master tapes seem to have vanished when TWC moved to Schenectady (they never built us another studio, so that’s why it petered out), alas, but some of the artists have put bits up on Youtube and suchlike, if I want to ever see and hear younger me!

  4. Mike

    I was in the second row. First big show of any type @ the Knick. I waltzed right down to the floor and into the front row. Got squeezed so I went back a row. Definitely a latter day best, and up there all time.

  5. Chris

    I’m a driver. I’m a winner. Things are gonna change. I can feel it.

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