Now that’s how you agitprop: with a brass section.


Excellent choice staying away from a modern arrangement. National anthems should sound like Wagner.


For the tears that we shed on this soil
For the anguish we had in this turmoil
We keep our heads up, our voices strong
May freedom root in Hong Kong

For the fear that looms overhead
For the hope that moves us ahead
We march in blood, our martyrs along
May freedom glow in Hong Kong

Deepest night we shall not be in fright
In the mist, a new day breaks with chants and light
Stand with us, with virtuous minds and unbending spines
The pearl we hold will always shine

Come children of our motherland
The time has come to wage a revolution
Freedom and liberty belong to this land
May glory be to Hong Kong

(This is just one of several translations I found, but it was the only one that included the phrase “We march in blood,” so it is the one I chose.)


Macau next.