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Good Night, KISS

This is from–

No. Stop.

–the solo albums that–

Shut the fuck up.

–KISS released…excuse me?

We’re not doing Thoughts on the KISS. We did that already, and people tolerated it. At best. Tolerance was the most positive reaction to TotK.

It was better than the response to Thoughts on the Rolling Stones.

Yeah. People got angry about that one.

Deservedly. I think the Enthusiasts could tell I was doing it deliberately to annoy them.

Probably because you told them you were.

Sure. But that’s not what this is. I just love this song: it might be the best song KISS ever, even though KISS did not write it or play on it.

You think those two things have anything to do with one another?


I’ll allow this, but it stops here.

For the best. Can I just tell the Enthusiasts that–even if they despise KISS–this one’s worth checking out just for long-time Letterman drummer and NY session legend Anton Fig?




  1. Anton Fig also played with one of the greatest supergroups EVAR (that you have never heard of) . . .

  2. Ecch . . . Lots of broken links in that article, dammit.

    You need (really) to hear “Ride the Party Bus” from this disc while in KISS mode mood, though. Do you Spotify? If so, it’s here:

  3. Those solo albums came with a poster in the sleeve no? I’m a sucker for shots like this one.

  4. allthebeerscombine

    June 11, 2016 at 11:03 pm

    Rip it out is truly great, but if you’re going to talk best song KISS EVAR wrote, what about:

  5. love the kiss solo albums

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