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Grateful Dead, Family

Posts may be light this weekend, as I’ve got family in town.


Excuse me?

Who’s here?

If you must know, my brother.

Ideas on the Dead?

The other one.



  1. They willingly entered the state of Florida?

  2. I’ll give ya this, TotD: there’s a much older history down in the Sunshine State, which I totally miss about the east coast. I miss the seasons and the smells and the fact that you could walk down the street and get a kickass bagel or Dunkin Donuts for a couple bucks. Now, Florida is not New York, because New York kicks ass, and Florida doesn’t… But you guys have got houses that are old, no? Very few of those around here. People didn’t start setting shit up until a little while ago. And all the history is the mission history and that stuff is pretty boring, tbh. I do like the Gold Rush. Yeah, Florida I’m sure is nice if you’re 90 years old and you hate people who aren’t meth heads, but I think we can all agree that most people would much rather live in the Golden State than down in America’s dick.

  3. Go! Enjoy the Fam!
    Just assign me Blog Admin authority and I will monitor the commenters this weekend to make sure no one gets out of line.

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