Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

I Am Enjoying This

Maybe you will, too. That cover art grabbed you, didn’t it?

Masayoshi Takanaka is Big In Japan, and insanely prolific. Check out his discography:

Which title’s your favorite? The Rainbow Goblins is the obvious answer, but I’m going with Gaps! Why so excited, Masayoshi?


  1. steveb2973

    Amazing … that he could be falling through the air like that and still have his hair perfectly in place!

  2. JES

    “Hunpluged” is bending my mind. It can go so many directions depending on which syllable could be seen to contain a spelling error.

    Also enjoying that Wiki tells me that his early band was called “Flied Egg.” (!!)

    I think I need to hear this.

    • Thoughts On The Dead

      Oh, Good God, does that title belong in the Problem Attic.

  3. Buck Mulligan

    I have recently learned that Rainbow Goblins is the title of an extremely crazy children’s book.

    • is it about my cube

      Same book that Primus used as the basis for Desaturating Seven.

  4. Garret

    Love me some Masayoshi Takanaka! Just pre-ordered a vinyl import repress of “An Insatiable High”, which has both a rad cover and the Tower of Power horns.

    My fave Takanaka album cover is def Saudade though, serenading the lady on the courtyard balcony through a Marshall stack, so good

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