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I Am Starting The Backlash

Let me be the first to declare Peak Cornell. (Who else is getting annoyed? Raise your hands in the Comment Section.)


  1. ✋✊

  2. MiddleManneredEnthusiast

    April 25, 2017 at 11:10 pm

    I’m with you. It’s the most overrated Dead show, even if it’s beloved by so many who had never heard a soundboard tape before 1996.

  3. Agreed, enough already

  4. The Central Shaft

    April 25, 2017 at 11:45 pm


  5. I am with you.

    “Best show” is a stupid idea to begin with and it has gone way too far.

  6. I think a better case could be made for “best post hiatus show.”

  7. Boston was better

    • Better for me because I was there, and it was my first show, and because I wasn’t at Cornell.

      But yeah, to the larger point, there are many better shows pre-hiatus than Cornell. If the Europe ’72 tour had never happened, there would still be many better shows pre-hiatus. And so on…

  8. Myself, I prefer the next night in Buffalo.

  9. I’m less bothered by the discussion of whether Cornell ’77 is the “best” or not than by the relentless marketing of evething GD related Guess it costs a lot to lose . . .

  10. It’s not even the besr show THAT WEEK. Stop with rhe “best show ever” stuff.

  11. I’m getting the box for everything BUT Cornell.

  12. If it must happen I’d be much more interested to see some books and documentaries about Englishtown ’77. (Largest concert crowd on the east coast since Woodstock, I believe, and numerous contenders for best-evar versions.)

    • It is time for the mock-umentary.

      ToTD writes and directs.

      ToTD has full creative control, but I personally hope it features Jiggs the chimp, a useless interview with marshal Tucker Band about Englishtown, and of course discussions with objects.

  13. I love the show. But who really cares if they canonize it? We are a contrary lot to begin with. The band never told each other how to play, who’s going to tell us what we like?

  14. It’s like judging livestock, and this show has more bests than most.

  15. I suspect the hoopla is because it was one of the first good soundboards to circulate. In this era of streamable soundboards/auds/matrices, that show seems to be fairly standard fare from a really strong and well-recorded era. I’ve been listening to 5/22/77 lately – the whole show, not just DP 3 – and that might be my favorite of the era.

    • Oh man, that 5/22/77 Sugaree. Hard to pick a top 77 show over that one too. So much to choose from really.

      I mean just to take Englishtown as another example from the same period, it has what are for me hard to debate as major contenders for best-of-all-time versions of Half Step, Peggy-O, Loser, Not Fade Away, and arguably even He’s Gone. Plus a killer Terrapin encore and a fantastic late-70s style Truckin’, with a very fiery Eyes and LLR to boot.

  16. best show? as if such a thing could exist.
    but every time i hear it i smile and remember the first time i heard it.
    and how much i looked forward to hearing more may 77. and how great it was every time i heard another may 77.
    plus it’s real good.
    so settle down girls.

  17. mini-documentary… really!!! i must watch it but under protest!!! still can’t stop thinkin bout the bobby’s silver hair #handsome

  18. Cornell? In Ithaca? New York?

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