Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

If You Get Confused

After Crazy Fingers, which Garcia sang correctly precisely three times, the most-pooched tune in the Big Man’s repertoire was Franklin’s; no other song can compete, and it is only the hilariously predictable mumblings and fumblings of CF that keep it from that number one slot. The magic of Franklin’s is that Garcia would lose his grip on both lines and verses. It was an As Above, So Below situation, lyrically speaking.

Maybe the part about the four winds comes first, and maybe the Let the music play line does. Which verse comes when? Who knows? Certainly not Garcia. He would sing ’em as they came to him, and not argue about petty bullshit. The man was too busy trying desperately to get through a couplet without stumbling and bumbling.

Sometimes–and the 80’s versions of the ditty feature this more than those of the ’70’s–Garcia’ll whack his head on the first word of a verse and never recover. I find that fun.

ANYWAY, 11/22/72 from the Austin Municipal Auditorium is from 1972, and therefore has no Franklin’s, but you should listen regardless. Brokedown and a Casey Jones, braj. Motherfuckers wanna play like they’re too good for Casey Jones, like they’re above Casey Jones, but fuck those motherfuckers.


  1. Cube

    1. I am too good for Casey Jones. I just am.

    2. Fire on the Mountain got rearranged so many times/ways that I don’t really know how its supposed to go

    3. 1/2 Step

  2. John A

    Agree that Fire On The Mountain is in the conversation. I’m not sure it ever contained the exact same lyrics twice.

  3. Dog

    If Robert Hunter wrote La Bamba, no one would know what the fuck was going on. You’d need Ray Donovan’s dad to explain the lyrics. So when Garcia flubs every song at least once, and probably once every tour, who should you blame? Barlow too. Smart asses writing your songs for you is like putting spinner hubcaps on a Tesla.

  4. AikoAikoAnnie

    Are we ignoring Days Between due to small sample size?

    • Thoughts On The Dead

      Nah, I just can’t be bothered to listen to shows from ’93-95. Life is short.

  5. RadioIsDead

    Mason’s Children? Not sire if they ever got that song right….
    honolulu was pretty good though…

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