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It’s A British Story

I asked you to trust me enough to watch the last video I posted, but not this time. You need to look within your heart and ask yourself, “Do I have so little to do that I can watch a three-hour documentary about Iron Maiden?”

You need to get a hobby.

This isn’t even the first Maiden documentary I’ve sat through.

Do you like Iron Maiden?

They’re okay.

Hobby. Please find one.


  1. It’s a good story they’ve got. You don’t have to like ’em to appreciate it. Hell, I don’t particularly care for Crosby, Stills, Nash OR Young, but I enjoyed a three-hour documentary about them a couple of months ago, because it was a good story, and it was fun to watch them all being dicks, completely independent of any music I was exposed to. I suspect a good number of non-Dead fans could well dig Amir’s big flick, too. That was a GOOD three hours spent. Fuck hobbies. They’re too expensive.

  2. Debbie Harry has a book out about her life, you could read that and post about it.

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