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Letter From A Wellington Jail

In the hospital. I hate it here.

We’ll discuss further, or maybe we won’t. Who knows what the future holds?


  1. Tor Haxson

    Damn it ….

  2. michael Debruin

    Just keep truckin’ on….

  3. is it about my cube

    Ah shit. Sending the best of vibes–please feel better soon, Thoughts.

  4. Temelini

    Nah. We are discussing further.

  5. JES

    Oh no! Hoping you and The Lippermost are sprung soon, and feeling better, and getting better, through judicious ministrations from Medicine. Or from Schmedibles. Whichever one works best is all good.

  6. Dreamflower

    If there’s anything you need, just ask. We all love you.

  7. Seamus Thebear

    Hang on man, just hang on

  8. Todd

    Sending love and happy thoughts.

  9. rockasaur

    Cuperate, and then recuperate. Do this as many times as you need to.

  10. BingosBrother

    Much love

  11. ritchie

    best wishes for a quick recovery

  12. Smoke

    Love you man.

  13. ste4ve

    Wishing you better than the best. And then some.

  14. Edub

    You’re in our thoughts,Thoughts!

  15. Luther Von Baconson

    All of the above. You need help with your Star War Upkeep ie dusting, rearranging, send photos while you’re stove up, let me know. Can catch a flight take some time off. Promise not to use up all your Beauty Products, or grease up Family Heirlooms

    Or I can just send Schmeds…..either way

  16. occidentalpoppy

    Sending all the California crystal woo-woo healing vibes I can summon. Thinking of you.

  17. FormerlyNoThoughts

    So, no worries about not responding to my email, okay? (Sorry, best joke I can muster for this.) All the best to you!

  18. wabisabied

    Rest easy, Mr. T. And don’t let Ratched snatch yer ‘stache.


  19. Dawn Judd


  20. Mark

    Dang. Try not to hate it?? Hope you have some company.

  21. The Woodcutter's Son

    Healing thoughts to you, TotD. Lotta love for you here in VT.

  22. Chris

    Sorry to hear it. Feel better soon and take them for all you can get

  23. Bobert

    Fist bump, you got this, hope you are home soon.

  24. Steve Oberhauser

    Always ask for extra Lemon Ice dessert cups, they’ll usually keep them in the nurses’ freezer for ya. Keep smiling and laughing, it really helps. We all love you and can’t wait to hear from you!

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