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Loose On The Town

pin dragon of fire

First off, that’s not a dragon: it’s Godzilla, and we all know that and are pretending that it’s not just the straight-up copyright infringement that it is. (From lot t-shirts with iffy prints of licensed characters to the latest Official Release being available (in mp3 AND lossless) on the Underweb within hours of its release, Enthusiasts have always been shady motherfuckers.)

Second, why is Godzilla stomping the town, which is by the looks of it a bucolic Bavarian town. (And that brings up other questions: how would Godzilla even get to Germany? He’s in the Pacific Ocean. We all know this.) Look at the size of the guy: he doesn’t need to apply extra force to crush the thing beneath his foot–it’s just gonna happen. I don’t even think Godzilla can physically raise his leg that high. Godzilla doesn’t do parkour: he lumbers like a fat guy who needs a double-hip replacement.

Then there’s the scale of the bucket, and the design of the thing. It’s utterly massive, like that sculpture of Crazy Horse that will never be finished, but also made from wood and the most basic knowledge of engineering says that isn’t going to happen. when you double something in size like that, you cube the volume and therefore the tensile strength–

Oh, shut up: it’s a cartoon and you’re dissecting the math behind it.

So you’re a math Truther now?

That’s not a thing.

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  1. Oh it is not. It is Puffzilla the Magic Barney. The Barney thing is a clear reference to Phil. Hence it makes an artistic statement about the German shows in E72, with a subtle tip of the conceptual hat to the surreal efficacy of the pharmaceuticals. Either that or it’s about the time Phil and Family went to Disneyland.

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