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Mayer May Not

You can read this; I can’t.

It’s getting less and less fun with this C-student.


  1. Yur just jealous that GQ never interviewed Jerry or Bobby.

  2. occidentalpoppy

    August 17, 2015 at 11:55 pm

    I started reading it and then it got so absurd I thought I was reading you for a second.

  3. Vision questing the denim shops of Japan.

    This interviewer should be shot, but I guess doing interviews about your clothes is going to turn off 80% of the world who could give a crap about clothes

  4. I always wondered who buys into all that guff they write in the J. Peterman catalogs. Now I know.

    “Journey To My Hat” should be the title of Meyer’s memoirs (Volume One).

  5. omg he’s a girl! men just do not look at clothes that way!

  6. I could do an interview on my T shirts.

    • But could you do an interview that was really about how AWESOME-SAUCE you were while still talking about t-shirts?

      This interview is about John.

      • Yes indeed, it chronicles his development from foolish sneaker obsessed kid to foolish fashion vic. Sneakers are a gateway.

        I would never indulge in obsessive collecting. (Ignore my six or seven shelves of GD books and CDs, they are for research. Several of those guitar cases are empty. No, I really wear all forty GD T shirts every week.)

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