Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Mind The Gap

Mickey’s selling doobies, because of course he is, and I’m not writing about it until I get a sample. Or at least a tin. The tin’s nice.


  1. NoThoughtsOnDead

    Sorry, dude, but I don’t plan to drive to Berkeley or Cotati to buy you some. May I ask, what’s the deal with pre-rolls? If I was going to be in the parking lot at a concert, I might have one for the spirit of sharing, and convenience. But, I’m not going to smoke a whole mini of Chemdog myself!
    I’m going to a beach wedding soon where stoning the couple would be appropriate. But getting something lit there – or in the parking lot at Shorline – could be a big challenge. I don’t want to start buying plastic cartridges for vapes, so it seems like flowers & edibles are going to keep me covered for my intoxicating needs. Perhaps other commentators have recent uses for pre-rolls that I’m not thinking about?

  2. mjk

    in very Mickey fashion the little skeleton on the case has the padded drum sticks that Mickey now uses in his hands.

  3. Tor Haxson

    If I end up in San Francisco and I have part of the day free, you know I would grab you a tin.

    That said, it is unlikely for at least a few months.

    Surely someone has heard the call, come on people !!!

  4. ste4ve

    Pre-rolls are actually make of the shit swept off the floor after the rest of the flower has been processed. Lame.

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