Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

My Favorite Genre Of Cover Song…

…is when the band clearly doesn’t know the song, but still turns on the tape recorder. I don’t even think they’re playing the right chords.



  1. Harrison Hartley

    • Thoughts On The Dead

      One of my favorites.

      “Oh, it’s awful! Stop it! I hate it!”

  2. Spyguy

    For a child of the 80s, this was example number one. They literally said in the liner notes “If there was any justice in the world, Roger Miller should be able to sue us for what we did to this song”

  3. T Lexvold

  4. Tor Haxson

    Oh the Shark Has, pretty teeth dear,
    And he Shows them Pearly White.

    Not sure they had either the chords or the lyrics.

  5. JES

    Esoteric, but spot on topic . . .

  6. Luther Von Baconson

    Tom’s a little bitter

  7. hcm

    I can only assume the recent attention to cover songs around these parts is laying the groundwork for this site’s shift from Thoughts on The Dead to Thoughts on Miley Cyrus’s Metallica Tribute Album?

    ToMCMTA doesn’t roll quite as trippingly off the tongue, but you better believe I’ll still read every durn post.

    • Tor Haxson

      You know who would be a guest in ToMCMTA posts?

      That’s right Billy Ray Cyrus’ Mullet

      Heck I bet other Mullets would become sentient and travel to time to join us.

      • hcm

        I love everything about this idea.

  8. wabisabied

    “I don’t even think they’re playing the right chords.”

    That’s because they’re replacement chords, obviously.

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