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Out-Of-Context Answers From Trixie Garcia’s Reddit AMA

  • “Norman, Oklahoma.”
  • “Yes, but not on Tuesdays.”
  • “Bobby and Mickey make me call them ‘Uncle,’ and I’m not telling you what Billy makes me call him.”
  • “That’s an inappropriate question.”
  • “I once put Justin Kreutzmann in a figure-four leglock until he cried.”
  • “Fifty duck-sized horses.”
  • “John Mayer seems lovely; every time I meet him, he explains his outfit to me at length.”
  • “No, I have not seen Gerald McRaney naked.”
  • “Down the hall, and second door on the left.”
  • “That is also an inappropriate question.”
  • “Cyclotron. The thing that spins and you get pressed up against the wall? That’s number one, but I also love the Scrambler.”
  • “I guess the one where you shoot the water pistol into the clown’s mouth.”
  • “Deep fried Oreos? I suppose?”
  • “How many carnival-related questions are there going to be?”
  • “Ever hear those Trump demons talk about ‘their dad’ and ‘their father’ and get squicked out? That’s why I call him Jerry.”
  • “Thank you for asking me about my personal life, Reddit user /u/cuntkicker1488.”
  • “It’s dyed; my hair is naturally jet-black.”
  • “Trixie is short for Trickortreat.”
  • “Well, if that happens every time you eat shrimp, then you’re probably allergic.”
  • “How much longer do I have to talk to these fucking nerds?”
  • “Did you write that down?”
  • “Why would you write that down?”


  1. Trixie is my everything.

  2. Off topic thought for ToTD…

    I am heading to the Cleveland show tonight

    I really want a T-shirt themed around the ridiculousness of the shoes as percussion.

    If I had time I would replace the flying eyeball with a flying loafer, or perhaps a walking eyeball, I dunno just glad to be off work and rambling here where people would understand my sentiment..

    Let Oteil sing… sure I am with that.

    Let Mickey have a Shoe Solo !!
    I am even more with that.. Just sayin.. to anyone who can relate..

    More Shoe…

  3. hugh.c.mcbride

    June 28, 2017 at 12:38 pm

    I’m envisioning a kit made entirely out of huge shoes (think clown-size and up), and Mickey hits them with little hand-held drums.


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