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Reasons Not To Read Nick Paumgarten’s Latest

  • You are illiterate.
  • Congenital foolishness.

And that’s about it. Always read Paumgarten. (Shocker: Mountains are involved.)


  1. Tor Haxson

    Great article,

  2. JES

    Reason #3. Your adblocker software antagonizes The New Yorker, who will therefore not let you read their online content, no matter how much you want to do so . . .

  3. Dawn Judd

    the link doesn’t work for me – it just takes me to the last new yorker article i read. which paumgarten?

    • FormerlyNoThoughts

      “Bad Influencer,” from the January 18, 2021 issue.

      • FormerlyNoThoughts

        Huh: online, it is called “Trolling the Great Outdoors.” I was using the table of contents of the printed magazine, which was on top of my laptop before I opened it.

        • Dawn Judd

          thank you! found and read.

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