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Something Clever About Buffalo

[PDF] Be the Buffalok12edubuzz
Buffalo are the cow version of bros.

Buffalo is the city version of a good dozen other American cities located around the Great Lakes that are all doing fine, last I checked. Dead & Company play there presently.


  1. Just tuned in for “El Paso.” Painfully slow.

  2. Truckin is a little slow, but wow it is not the same as being there, I bet those in attendance are loving it.

  3. Bobby is so glad that some youngster wants to play guitar swordfight with him.

  4. Come to think of it, I am staying at the hilton, if perchance the band is there, I will get a rando(with tiny red cowboy hat) with Bobby shot.

  5. I think they stomped on Mickey’s beam time so that they could finish Darkstar.. Someone is gonna get it..

  6. Sir Luther Von Baconson

    November 12, 2015 at 10:52 am

    Beef on a Weck, Genny Cream Ale, Wegman’s, Topp’s Friendly Market

  7. Sir Luther Von Baconson

    November 12, 2015 at 10:54 am

    iroquois beer kishka-infused sweat

  8. Excerpt from an email to my nephew about last night’s show in Buffalo:

    It was fantastic. I could not have picked a better set list! It was definitely an early 70s show. I have listened to shows on the internet via periscope,ustream, etc. and last saturday’s webcast and this show blew them all away- maybe because it was live?
    Anyway, they came out rocking with a great Promised Land. (soooooo happy not to get an 80s Miracle or Alabama or even Shakedown) The Minglewood Blues was good with a jam in the middle of it…and then my favorite of all opening songs Bertha! Mayer and Bobby were going at it especially Bobby on his favorite backbeat pete townsend move!
    Sunshine was good and then a slow laid back El Paso. Was resigned to a six song set but Althea was not going to be the closer! Mayer obviously loves that song and he was stellar…and then a surprise rocking US Blues ended the set.

    You Are right about Oteil, he is really good and entertaining to watch. He and Mayer seem to have a good musical relationship. Of course Jeff knows all of these songs like the back of his hand and he shined on his piano and organ solos. Helps to have a few band members under 65!

    I was a little worried that I would get a Help Slipknot Franklins Tower as the big second set jam (although they did kill that last Saturday at MSG). Viola is one of my favorites and to have that open set 2 was a huge surprise, Mayer was wailing on those opening chords like it was 1968. They went at it for a good long time and then the segue into Wang Dang Doodle (meh) and then a short Viola reprise. The New Speedway Boogie was also a welcome surprise and nicely played. Everyone knew that Truckin (up to Buffalo) was going to be played and they played a nice restrained version which I figured would lead into drums……And then the Dark Star… I was not sure how Mayer was going to interpret it and I was very impressed. It got pretty far out there and seemed like it lasted a long time and then drums. Oteil came out again to play on Billy’s kit and Mickey was playing that thumb thing down on the carpet. Seemed a little short to me, maybe the DS went long. In fact Chimenti stood up,thinking it was time to break and had to sit back down! When they came back there was really no space just back into DS for a short while and then the second verse.
    I was dreading a slow painful Garcia ballad at this point (Standing on the Moon) but instead got a nice surprise in China Doll. It was well done and not drawn out and a rarity? The closing Sugar Magnolia was really rocking high energy stuff. Bob sure has a lot of energy. He played so well the whole night and his voice is holding up fine…helps to have Mayer alternate on verses and take some of the leads. I think Ratdog was tough on Bob since he had to sing almost all of the songs.
    Also was dreading a mellow encore after such a high energy show but Casey Jones!
    The set list was tailored to my introduction to the Dead and I wish I was going to Columbus

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