You can’t be Mickzilla.

“Why not?”

I don’t know why exactly. You just can’t.

“Godzilla’s a Jew!”

He’s not.

“Kai Jew.”

Kaiju, Mickey. It’s a Japanese word.

“Godzilla doesn’t have a foreskin.”

He doesn’t have a dick! He’s a giant reptile, and he’s not even that: it’s a sweaty guy in a rubber suit.

“Regardless. I’ve already bought the Japanese girls.”

That’s Mothra.



“All those movies kinda blend into one another.”

I agree, but you still need to stop what you’re doing.

“Can I still dose the Japanese girls?”

I assumed you already had.

“Oh, I have. I wasn’t asking permission. Legal question.”

Neither purchasing nor dosing humans is legal, Mickey. Stop doing both.

“Maybe. Gotta fill the hours somehow.”

Sure. Hey, Mick?


What’s that little wire on the underside of the bridge? Right by your head, the striped one?


Yeah, that. The thing that looks like detonation cord.

“You’re observant.”

Goddammit, Mickey.