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Targeted, Sad

I speak now to a very small slice of you.

If you had planned on getting nasty and having a time with Donate Button next week, then a saying my grandmother taught me comes to mind: “Now is much better than next week when it comes to getting nasty with the Donate Button.” At the time, it made no sense; it is only recently that I discovered Gamgam on the Dead (GotD) experienced time simultaneously as well.

Always did like Gamgam.

This is to say that the majority of you, the ones with no interest in bringing commerce into our relationship, may continue on with your days and your lives. Go listen to 5/11/80 from Cumberland County in Maine. (They do not play Cumberland because of course they don’t.)

This message is also inapplicable to those who have already gotten nasty with Donate Button. I thank you and your country thanks you.

For those of you thinking that Donate Button lets just anyone get nasty with her, then I demand you stop slut-shaming Donate Button, who is apparently female now.


Dude, I have never “made” anything sentient. Shit just starts talking.

Are you done begging?

Not begging. Merely setting out my bowl in the style of all holy men.

Those are called beggar’s bowls.

Oh, that makes more sense. I thought they were named after the designer, like Eames chairs.

You’re a see-through man.

And yet you’re not going to stop me from hitting the Publish Button.

I’m essentially powerless in here.

Hey, I’m essentially powerless out here.

Yeah, okay.

Were you guys talking about me?

Who are you?

Donate Button.






Did he just use a medieval catapult to fling himself over a stand of trees, then land in that field over there?


Does that happen a lot?

Also yes.


  1. Tor here, that is me being awesome deadhead taper with awesome deadhead taper equipment.

    I saw many shows, I taped FOB, MOTB, my tapes are the best.

    Just getting my credentials out there before I get to my point.

    Spencer sucks big time.

    Great post by the way.

  2. Until the Donate Button gives up its unhealthy, dependent relationship with PayPal I can have nothing to do with it.

  3. Lonnie Schlickting

    March 17, 2016 at 1:00 pm

    Maybe add rewards for donations – like they do on kickstarter.
    $5 Autographed picture of Benji
    $50 Promise that no homemade videos will ever be posted again
    $100 Follow Swaggie Maggie on Twitter
    $500 Copy of 33 1/3 used in filming
    $1,000 ToTD will visit your home and give you a billy style dick punch
    $5,000 Learn TotD real identity

  4. In honer of her first speaking role…

  5. I have to apologize for being so hard on Spencer, he is a Family member for sure, and we go way back.

    I remember running into Spencer a lot in San Rafael over the years.

    I was there when Spencer turned Jerry onto MIDI.. he was like check this out Jer, and Jer was totally into it.

    Props to you ole Spencer.


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