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The Last Days Of Choogle

Hey, Chalice Sauvignon.

“Chloë Sevigny.”

Chirpy Shabooboo.

“Chloë Sevigny.”

Chavenged Sevendust.

“Chloë Sevigny.”

You like the Dead?

“I like the Dead.”

Name every show on the ’82 Spring Tour.

“Don’t you usually bitch about gatekeeping bullshit like that?”

Yes. I’m sorry. You were at the Farewell Shoes, too.

“I was.”

Why are you at Sundance?

“Promoting a movie. You’d hate it. Nothing blows up.”

Is there kung fu?

“Not even a little bit. It isn’t even mentioned, let alone practiced.”

What about–

“There are no martial arts whatsoever.”

–karate? Okay, just checking. Yeah, I won’t see that.

“We all have our own tastes.”

We do. Now, seriously: name all the Spring Tour shows from 1982 or I’m going to declare you a poseur.

“Nice meeting you.”



Say hi to Harmony Korine for me.




  1. Luther Von Baconson

    January 26, 2017 at 7:42 pm

    great goalie & can punch too.

  2. Boys Don’t Cry is worth seeing, for Chloe’s scenes at the very least.
    There’s also a great train wreck of an interview with her on Letterman out there.

  3. I feel like I should defend her. My wife calls her my girlfriend and she is the one who brought me here.

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