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What It Says On The Label

Maybe you’ve done something with your life. Summited Mt. Everest. Mounted Pat Summit, the famed basketball coach. Could be you were in the room when Pig was giving one of his epic rants and selling the Brooklyn Bridge for a quarter; could be you’re too young to have ever seen a cassette tape in person, let along the Dead.

Have you lived? Taken life by the lapels and dangled it off a balcony until it promised to sign a contract? Did you invite life up to your hotel room, coerce life into taking some pills, and then violate life while it was semi-conscious? If so: you’re a monster.

Perhaps you’ve been all around this world: you haven’t seen a picture of Vince and black guys.

vince black guys

And now you have. YOU’RE WELCOME.

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  1. I saw this band…was it The Jonesers…or Vince and the Couriers?

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