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You Didn’t Need To Know This


Buddy boy?

My guy?

I’m not talking to you.

I just have a quick question.


How long does Miro-Lax take to kick inOHMYGODHEREWEGO.

I want to see other blogs.



  1. Hey ToTD.. hope you feel better.

    You need to get to a show, a messed up diet of road food, followed by fast food or street food, topped off with a big salty pretzel.. that is like the modern version of an “apple a day”, the lack of sleep helps as well.

    Anyone who goes to a Dead and Co show.. if you like the limited edition poster.. buy it right away, they sell out sometimes by intermission.

    Ste4ve and Spencer.. and whoever else is going to one.. Have a good time.

    • Thanks for the tip, I’m a sucker for a nice poster.

      • Yeah I spaced out and missed DC’s poster and it was wonderful. Skeleton couple in Oval office, male skeleton lighting cigar with 100 dollar bill.

        Columbus poster was lame so I did not buy, Greensboro looks really nice but couch tour for me tonight.

        No lines for the bathroom, but no poster on couch tour.

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