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A Big Ol’ “Fuck You” To One Of The Valued Commentators

I won’t say his name, but his initials are “J.E.S.” There’s too much prog in this prog rock. This album is the prog version of the Star Wars Holiday Special: just exactly as bad as you’ve always heard.

EDIT: Why won’t you END, motherfucker? Stop playing arpeggios and CONCLUDE.


  1. It’s no Close to the Edge, that’s for sure.

    It’s not even a Relayer.

    It does however permanently answer the question “how much prog is too much prog?”

  2. I just saw that Xmas special actual quotes by KOE ‘chewbacca had a family?’ Absolute outrage ‘that chewbacca lived in a ‘condo’ that’s not right they are rookies! Never made it to the Jefferson starship segment, felt like watching that ringo starr movie caveman. Listening to Wookiee for 10 minutes WTH. Hmmmm prog was a time and place and the world thankfully has (mostly) moved on.
    I wish I knew which enthusiast you mean you obscure scribe.

  3. Hey! Who let You Know Who out of the dungeon???

    Goddamn sneaky Deadheads . . .

  4. It will *never* end.

  5. Is yes one of those bands that’s being “reassesed” by millenials? Anyway fuck them and steely dan.

  6. I would so enjoy watching you squirm through the entire 5.1 version! Too much Prog? Well, yes. LMAO!!! No, instead, I’ll just put on another 35 minute version of Dark Star! Audience tape, of course. Better yet, Donna caterwauling throughout the late 70’s! Preferred medium? Haha, you got it. 15th generation audience tape.

    I do appreciate the dig at Yes and prog in particular. Just to be clear!

  7. I do dare anyone to sit through ELP’s Tarkus without laughing at least, ah, the whole time?

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