Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

A Momentary Return To Normalcy


That’s some good Dead shirt-wearin’, Bobby.

“Mickey taught me everything I know.”

He may have taught you too well.

“The master becomes the apprentice.”

If you say so. Are you guys rehearsing?

“Yeah, how could you tell?”

Billy isn’t there.

“He may be avoiding the mainland for a while.”

Good idea.

“You bet. So, uh, Dead still a part of this?”

I’m talking to you, aren’t I?


What now?


We did that. It did not work.

“Then keep voting. Gotta do it every single day. Make it a routine.”

I think you’re talking about going to the gym.

“That’s important, too.”

Tell Jeff Chimenti to put away his drugs.

Jeff is the piano player.



  1. Nice, I am excited, but unlikely to attend the Mexico thingy.

    My thoughts.

    That Tom Hamilton guy, I saw him with Billy and the Kids at Lockn when Bobby joined them. He knows how to play with Bobby.

    I mean in a nice way, that he knows the “Left Hand of McCoy Tyner” has it’s limits. Did McCoy drive with his left hand?

    No way. You do not let the left hand drive, Tom Hamilton keeps the left hand on the left side of the jam.

    That Dave Schools guy.. love him.

    We all know Jeff is the guy who should be paid the most, and look they are rehearsing !!!

    Woo Hoo

  2. I can promise you that Hamilton’s vape. Jeff is a doobie and bowl kinda guy (I can also promise).

  3. Hamilton does break it down. Every JRAD tune has a full melt. This must please the master of tempo destruction. What are/were this bunch practicing for and how did I miss it?

    It seems Bob’s architect was higher than normal… even by MV standards.

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