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An Apology

I beg your forgiveness, Enthusiasts. Slim pickings ’round here lately. This is a symptom of the poisonings, apparently. Chemo Fog, it is called. Makes sentences into hills, paragraphs into unconquerable mountains. What I’m good at right now is watching movies I’ve seen a dozen times: I am positively Olympian at that shit. Blankly cruising around the internet.

And I should slow down with medications. Mustn’t let the cure be worse than the disease.

In addition, many of you have sent in donations or gifts, and at least the majority of you were not thanked properly. A group of you chipped in to send me an incredible collection of Garcia’s art, and I barely mentioned it. Damn rude of me. Please know that I meant to take pictures and write all about it, but it’s just been slightly beyond me. I’m gonna get my shit together; I can feel my shit coalesce.

I’m as disappointed as you are.


  1. Matt Campfield

    But you did mention it, or maybe only on twitter?
    Hoping your health improves brother.
    You’ve made my life better and happier countless times.

  2. FormerlyNoThoughts

    We are (or at least I am) playing a long game here. Sure, you aren’t matching the crazy levels of productivity you’ve hit in other periods. But there are no photos from Burning Man, and there’s the poisonings. (Plural, and serial.) We’ll cut you a ton of slack, if you’ll live to write another day. Take all the time you need, brother.

  3. JAH

    Bobby voting for Nixon is enough for me to chew on for a few weeks, at least. Feel better and, most importantly, get better – we’re not going anywhere, muchacho.

  4. Jake

    One way or another brother. We look forward to you getting back.

  5. Jenny Boylan

    I’ll wave my flags into the sun
    I’ve fought my wars and now they’re won
    And I didn’t need nobody’s gun
    I bent their minds

  6. JES

    I’ve been awed at what you have continued to craft and share, knowing the toll that the poisons take. Grateful for that, but dang, if anybody is due a time-out after years of most-prolific posting, it’s you. Hope you always do what feels best and right for you, right now, and in weeks and months to come. We’re all good. We’re all pulling for you. We’d all be watching old movies over and over again too!

  7. is it about my cube

    You kidding? You’ve been posting so much I thought you’d forgotten you were sick. Take all thhe time you need, you make this world a better place. Totd strong, muchacho.

  8. Luther Von Baconson


  9. BingosBrother

    Father invent poisonings.

  10. Matt O

    Apologies??? Never…ever. Keep your head up, bud.

    btw, heard this tune the other day and for some reason thought you’d enjoy…

  11. Mark of Steel

    I’d say “you are forgiven” but:
    1. Townsend beat me to it ( several hundred times)
    2. We are all greatly in your debt and will be for a long time to come.
    To open the phone and get a laugh instead of a scream (I thought I was over kicking and screaming like a 5-year old till I heard about RBG) is priceless in this 2020 hellscape.
    Ain’t reading that Sex Pistol’s book, though.

  12. ritchie

    yo man- long term reader/lurker

    hang the fuck in there !

  13. Luther Von Baconson

    found this from wayback. i drew it based on TotD’s description of Hollywood apartment. i intended to draw more but i am so so lazy.

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