Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Ladies And Gentlemen, The Flaming Groovies

Buy this book, then read it. 


  1. JAH

    It’s awesome. I haven’t read it in 25 years but Johnny & Sid calling Noel “American Man” is just so great. Noel’s tale of managing Van Halen that came out a few years ago is pretty ace, as well. Those four guys are all so completely ludicrous and the intraband communication was so stunted… they’d lend themselves beautifully to a little semi-fictionality if they weren’t basically four Billys.

  2. Anthony Pulsipher

    I frickin love the flamin’ fucking groovies

    • Anthony Pulsipher

      There is zero flamin’ groovies content here r.i.p. Roy Loney

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