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At Last: A Politician Without Any Skeletons In His Closet

If you told someone in the room when this picture was being taken (’81-ish?) that two of the guys would be dead and one would be a U.S. Senator, the response would be,

“Well, I know one person who isn’t going to be a Senator.”

(In a reality perpendicular to ours, Bobby has been the Representative for California’s 2nd District on and off for thirty years. 2017 Phil could play a Senator on teevee. All the other Grateful Deads–in all iterations–are unelectable in every reality.)


  1. Glad you found this, I sent Al a show he was looking for, 5 16 80 I believe, which contains a fantastic second set Althea, and he sent me this picture in return. He could be our next president OK with me.

  2. Listening to that Althea right now.. nice pace to that one.

  3. On my radio the GD channel is 23.

  4. Luther Von Baconson

    March 13, 2017 at 3:54 pm

    recent althea, sandwiched between tim & tom

  5. I could see Billy playing Senator Blutarsky.

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