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Betcha Haven’t Seen This One

Sound is a bit naff, but whattya want for free?


  1. I have seen this one before. The Dylan vid that caught my eye a couple of months ago is this one writing Wanted Man with Cash:

  2. That first shot of Dylan walking through the airport looks similar to the footage of the Dead arriving in Europe in the Amazon doc.

  3. I remember posting this link (the entire Isle of Wight festival) a while back to this gentleman’s or woman’s lovely YT channel with, shall I say, absolutely f-in incredible unseen video of really oh so many bands..,,,,back in a sec with research of the channel link- mandihkorian or such was the name.

  4. Here’s one check his/her channel for the Isle of Wight link , this is just a handful of rock stars 65/79

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