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Beware Greeks Bearing Choogle

Seriously, was Pigpen gassy? Why is he set up in Mendocino Country?


This is October of ’67 at the Greek Theatre, which is on the campus of UC Berkeley (Go Banana Slugs!) and opened in 1903; the venue got the name because, well, just look at the fucker. Couldn’t be more Greek if Germany was bailing out its economy.


Not only did rockyroll bands not know what they were doing in ’67, neither did rockyroll audiences. What’s with the sitting-there-politely bullshit? Rush the stage, teens! Show the musicians you appreciate them by tackling them viciously and ripping them to shreds. Or at least ask for some banjo lessons. Put your backs into it, for fuck’s sake.


Those columns are Doric. Were they Ionian, they would be slimmer and have fancy scrollwork at the top. I’d describe Corinthian columns for you, but you’re not ready for that jelly.


  1. MrCompletely

    If I recall correctly, Corinthian columns are luxuriously upholstered

    • Thoughts On The Dead

      1. I was trying to work that joke in and couldn’t get the wording right, so I said fuck it and ripcorded out of the post.

      2. The best part is that there is literally no such thing as Corinthian leather. An ad guy made it up whole-cloth.

  2. Sean

    Small, really small, point of clarification: UC Santa Cruz mascot is the banana slug.

  3. ste4ve

    OR, Precarious’ valuable services were engaged some time after this gig.

  4. Luther Von Baconson

    “We like Pigpen”
    “He’s a real gone gasser”

  5. Mean, Green, Devil Eating Machine

    Those spaces between the columns? those are all filled with speakers!

  6. Cube

    Jeez its like I gotta correct everything.  
    A. Pigpens side of the stage (stage right?  I’m always confused about stage directions) is SOUTH.  That’s Santa Clara County
    B. As a Cal alum, I can assure you that the mascot is GOLDEN Slugs
    C. Do you not see the fans rushing the stage?  Am I the only one that sees them??

  7. mikemj

    This Banana Slugs thing has happened before. I visit this site regularly but am I missing an inside joke here? (I feel like this falls into the “There are no stupid questions, only stupid people who ask questions,” category.)

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