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Break A Leg

bobby broken arm

TotD continues with its series What the Fuck, Bobby? with this photo.

When did Bobby break his arm? Why is there a rock and roll vampire behind Bobby? Is his name Johnny Fuckula? Who told that woman those shorts were flattering?

So confused.


  1. That’s Cippolina on guitar, yeah? He does have the vampire fangs.

    • Yeah, it is? Does that mean the Dad-looking guy on guitar is Bobby Cochrane?

      And, yes: bass playes being blown backwards like they’re in a limbo contest from the POWAH! of their funkitude should be punishable by sniper.

  2. The bass player is doing that bass player thing that is not sexy.

  3. What about the fat, topless cowboy between Dad guitar and Bobby? Why is every single person in this photo horrifying?

  4. OK, if anybody really wants to know, I think the answer is somewhere on this page:

  5. Mr. Bob Weir Trouble sprained his arm in June,1977 while falling off his bicycle.This accounts for no summer tour in 1977. Next show, Englishtown, 9/3/77.

  6. The photo is from a concert at Pyramid Lake, NV on September 7, 1986. Jerry was “on hiatus.” The band here was Kingfish with special guests Bob Weir and John Cipollina. Weir had broken his arm mountain biking a few weeks earlier, but it didn’t really matter since Garcia was in a coma. That’s Matt Kelly on guitar on the left, I believe Steve Evans on bass, and Anna Rizzo singing. Really she’s quite lovely, but it was 100+ degrees out there so I guess everybody just muddled through.

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