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Evidencifications part the 24th in the case against Edie Brickell and that one of the wives who wasn’t Mountain Girl (her name is Mahna-mahna or something) was correct in thinking this lady was on the make.

This is from Brickell’s Wikipedia page, about the first time she met her husband-to-be, Paul Simon.

“Even though I’d performed the song hundreds of times in clubs, he made me forget how the song went when I looked at him,” she said with a smile.

She said this about Paul Simon. Paul Simon looks like he should be demanding gold under bridges, only to be ignored: this man resembles an ineffectual troll. In a hair hat.

You think she does that hippie chick scat-improv thing when she does it?

Twiddley squeeee,

Dod diddly num.

You know what my

butt needs? Your thumb.

Jesus, man. It’s Father’s Day.

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  1. michael

    Total misconception: for the record Manasha Garcia loved Jerry’s work with Edie Brickell. Jerry could not continue working with Edie in 1992 due to issues related to his health.

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