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Dark Star ‘Staches

Here’s another shot of Garcia rocking the mustache/hockey sweater combo, or–as it’s called north of the border–the Canadian Birthday Suit. (Canadians are legally naked once they get down to a hockey sweater and a mustache.)

Was this, too, taken at the April festival called the Big Rock Powwow in Hollywood, FL? (Not a half-hour from me, and–according to the internet–held on the site of what is now a Hard Rock Casino.) I can tell you that rooms in Florida do look like that: the walls and ceiling and lights. All buildings in Florida have those things. I also see a coat hanger, which are all over the place down here.


  1. 04/17/St. Louis, Miss
    04/22/Boston, Mass
    05/24/69 Hollywood Fla……..confirmed sweater sightings

  2. He loved that thing.

  3. Pacific High Recording Studio, spring 1969 Aoxomoxoa sessions.

  4. Behold! There exists film of the transcendent garment;

  5. “Canadians are legally naked once they get down to a hockey sweater and a mustache.”

    Centuries hence, ToTD will be taught in schools as an example of how joyous the English language can be when the right words are arranged in the right order. This sentence alone will be worthy of at least a semester class.

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