Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Feels Like I’m Going To Lose My Mind

Hampton gets all the attention, but the true connoisseur* knows that the Shoreline shows are just as good, if not better, or maybe worse. Depends on your opinion, I suppose.

BUT there’s a killer Death Don’t Have No Mercy, a rare standalone Franklin’s, and a lovely Bird Song. We Can Run is also performed.

PLUS a Mighty Quinn encore. Quinn, braj. Love the Quinn. Everybody’s gonna wanna dose, braj.

9/29/89 from Shoreline. Listen to it.


*Spelled it right the first time. I know there’s no way to prove that to you, but I swear it happened.


  1. Dave Froth

    Girlfriend scored me a ticket for this one. Then she ran off with a better looking dude.

    In retrospect, I think she was offering a sort of severance pay.

    My perfect show.

  2. David Gans

    Jerry’s guitar solo on the 9/29/89 Death Don’t Have No Mercy just blew me away. We put the song on the boxed set SO MANY ROADS (1965-1995)

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