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Football Season Is Coming

Do they mean “Brazil” when they say “Brasil?” Are they different places? Soccer and tushees, right? Brazil. Why are they spelling their own name wrong? Is South American public education so poor that BraZilians can’t even spell basic words in Spanish?

You might have noticed that TotD has not–even obliquely–mentioned “football” or this little tournament they’re having. There is a reason, and it is this: fuck soccer. The only way this game could be interesting is if they armed the goalies and had all the games in Florida, allowing for a Stand Your Ground situation.

This will be the last you hear about this so-called World’s Bowl. I will not even ask which team’s mothers brought the orange slices and juice boxes.


  1. You think it’s boring to watch? Holy cow, try listening to a radio broadcast, like I did for the US/Germany game. At least in hockey, they try to describe the movement of the puck. Human Foosball, they just chat about whatever they can think of, occasionally punctuated by a burst of action.

    • Then why did you listen? We’re free to choose our own audio entertainment. I, for example, like to listen to the Dead.

      But, yeah: that sounds stultifying. Sonorous. Somnabulant. Soporific.

  2. I was interested in the result, I thought that meant I was interested in the playing of the game. You live, you learn. When I cut over to the Grateful Dead at halftime, it was a good decision.

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