Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Fusion Or Pierogi?

13/8 If even one bar of the song is in 13/8, then we’re dealing with FUSION. If there are no odd-metered measures, and in fact no music at all but instead an iteration of a dumpling, then it’s PIEROGI.

MUSHROOMS Do mushrooms make everything sound better? FUSION. Do mushrooms make everything taste better? PIEROGI.

CHICK COREA Trick question! Chick Corea produces FUSION and consumes PIEROGIS. Chick has the cosmopolitan palate one would assume in a man of his urbanity.

HYACINTH OF POLAND If you open up the Wiki page and see a reference to Hyacinth of Poland, you are dealing with PIEROGI. (Although “Hyacinth of Poland” would indeed make an excellent name for a FUSION band.)

KREPLACH FUSION music does not get upset when confused with kreplach. Neither does PIEROGIas it is a non-sentient foodstuff, but some people will get pissed as fuck if you mistake it for kreplach. I won’t say why, but it has to do with “the Jews.”

YA GRINCH, IS IT GOOPED ON? Important to know!

Annnnnnnnd once again, I have to step in because you’re just showing our ass, man.

I am the only man on the innnertubes demanding to know the grinch-gooping status of fusion music and pierogis! I’m brave!

Do you even listen to yourself?


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  1. Tor Haxson

    These need to be read in order, you should warn people of that.

    Also I have seen Chic Corea, and eaten pierogis in Warsaw.

    Chic Corea was forgettable, in was probably 80 or 81, was he ruined by scientology at the moment?

    The pierogis in Warsaw were pretty darn good.

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