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Good Eye, Bad Shirt

TotD must admit to a prejudice, Enthusiasts.

Just the one?

I do occasionally take you for granted, lump you in with the proletariat, make you clasp a swishy tail ‘twixt your nethers and ride you round the room like a pretty pony.

Please get to the point. Or any point, really. Just stop being weird at the people you’re trying to compliment.

Commentator and useless Scrabble rack WWWTFJWWD tosses over the transom a pic that I believe has appeared here before, appended with some sort of quip about T-Shirt Tuesday, probably.

billy mickey matchingshirts

But: WWTJDWDWJ has applied a true Enthusiast’s eye to this pic and asked a question that comes so often to the true Enthusiast’s lips: Mickey, what the fuck are you wearing?

Did someone draw that? Was it Taro? It wasn’t an adult. Did Billy get his shirt inside the show, but you wanted to save a couple bucks, so you got yours from a guy selling them out of a shopping cart in the parking lot?

Mickey’s shirt looks like someone described Billy’s shirt over the phone. And that’s not a skeleton with a crown of roses. It’s ol’ Bonebeard the Pirate King. The background isn’t even solid blue, just some scribbling that clearly ended with someone saying “Eh, blue enough.”

And the collar’s all fucked up.

The shame is: his hair game is on fleek.


  1. I want Mickey’s shirt; I don’t care where it came from or if it’s been washed or if it’s in tatters by now. I want that shirt.

  2. It’s the GD version of that botched Jesus fresco in Spain

  3. I toyed with the explanation that Joan Baez was trying her hand at embroidery. It looks a bit like dead Davey Crockett.

  4. Since we’re sort of on the subject, there’s something that I’ve always found curious. What the hell is Phil doing during To Lay Me Down on the Dead Ahead video? I don’t have the technology to link to the exact part, but in the link below (the quality kinda sucks), I’m talking about from about the 5:40 mark until around 6:50. At 6:40 he glances over at Jerry and makes a “sad baby” face. Not sure who he’s mugging for but I’ve always wondered WWWTHFFHIPD.

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