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How To Tell If A Photo Is Of A Grateful Dead Show

  • Is everything just so damnably raggedy-ass?
  • Unsupervised child wandering around?
  • Ugliest band member up front?
  • Level of skew that races past askew to achieve full antiskew?
  • A weird, sad work light hanging off the rigging right above center stage for some fucking reason?

If the answer to these questions is “yes,” then you’re most likely viewing a photo of a Grateful Dead show. Thank you for your attention.


  1. Is that a monitor?

  2. being a gear nerd/freak, I love the stack of Mac2300s on the right. I believe they started using them in 73 and then powered the w.o.s. with them. and Jerry started using them to power his fender twin around 73 too I believe. but I digress. MK

    • Mean, Green, Devil Eating Machine

      February 20, 2020 at 10:36 am

      The Macintosh amps were in use by the summer of 1973, as there was a special visit to the factory to get more amps for the Watkins Glen shows.

  3. yes, as the story goes they helicoptered to the factory in Binghampton I believe to load up on the mac2300s. and Jerry used them right up to 94 when he switched to the digital rig set up. but I digress. Mk

  4. I recently got a mac2105 for my “Garcia rig” had the fender twin alembicized, the whole 9. it is pretty awesome have to say. its been my obsession for years now. but I digress MK

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