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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

I’m Bringing Back World Party

Just try to stop me, motherfucker. I know I’m not alone.


For the musical musicians out there: Werewolfs of London divided by Sweet Jane times Sympathy for the Devil.


  1. jumbo goodness! thanks for reminding me!

  2. I listen to goodby Jumbo when I am sitting on a plane.

    I play It’s all mine on the guitar when I want to feel sad

    That said.. not clear on the music math.

    Is it?
    (Werewolfs of London divided by Sweet Jane) * (Sympathy for the Devil)

    Or is it?

    Werewolfs of London divided by (Sweet Jane times Sympathy for the Devil).

    Lack of parenthesis and general lack of understanding of order of operations makes your statement ambiguous to most musi-math-meticians.

    I mean SJ * Sympathy is a large value, WOL is huge but well maybe introduce a constant in there.


    Mathy McMathFace

  3. See…I for one love (not like) “Is It Like Today” and “Message In The Box” and I would put them on a par with XTC’s and Talking Heads’ better output…

    And it is bands like that (ie, T. Heads, XTC, World Party) that could Reunite In Full Regalia and Open for each other and play at a medium-sized concert facility that WASN’T charging an arm and a leg/wasn’t making me and my 5000 friends sit among Phone-Holding Conversators….

    AND STILL I WOULDN’T go to that fricken show.

    Damm kids, get off my lawn.
    Wait.. Did I say all of that out loud??

  4. World party are fantastic , never seen a video by them though, thanks. there is some guy who copies his sound exactly that was a one hit wonder played on the radio recently which led me to educate the youth on the stone cold classic album ‘goodbye jumbo’ full of classic samples . Good job!

  5. I do like them, tho I’m more of a Waterboys fan

    • Thoughts on The Waterboys, please.

      • One thought, there is a big ol reissue of waterboys ‘fisherman’s blues’ with bunch of xtra tracks and demos. So many reissues with bonus tracks/demos … the Paul Simon albums are notable for this.

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