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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

New York Times Bestselling Author Sammy Hagar

Chapter One: “WOOOOOO!”

Chapter Two: “All riiiight, let’s get this going!”

Chapter Three: “Pineapple!”


Chapter Five: “The Rise of Bolivarism in South America – An Overview!”

Chapter Six: “Hey, what happened to the other bartender? The one with the big Cabo Wabos?”

Chapter Seven: “SHOTS!”

Chapter Eight: “I think that guy’s got coke.”


Chapter Ten: “Listen, I got a ton of black friends, but…”

Chapter Eleven: “I can get it up, gimme a second.”

Chapter Twelve: “ZZZZZZZ.”


  1. lol did u fckin buy this m8

  2. i am bitterly disappointed this is “with josh sens” and not “with guy fieri”

  3. Chapter Eight: “I think that guy’s got coke.” (Subtitled: 48 hours with Bobby)

  4. His music will always blow, but Sammy’s business acumen is now the gold standard for Mill Valley rockers and I would put his brand right up there with Gene Simmons.
    Bobby & Mickey seem to be in awe of his financial prowess.

  5. Bobo coulda invested in the Hagar Tequila Empire but nooooo…..$_57.JPG

  6. I turned my wife onto the joyful Comedy that is Three Lock Box when we got together and started sharing IPod tunes on road trips.

    Needless to say her mind was blown. You can not help but both enjoy that song and to chuckle at it all at once.

    So as the elder statesman of rock to my wife who was born in 1970 and not hip to the Red Rocker..

    I was like.. Yeah Sammy knows how to do it..

    Any other dumb rocker who talks about Aliens and makes tequila and wears hair product, would be happy with writing “locked box” or maybe taking it up a notch and writing “Lock it twice” but not Sammy.. Sammy knows how to put the finishing touches on a song.. and Three Lock Box is the result.


  7. I saw Sammy Hagar open for Dave Mason at Winterland, in early 1977 or so. His big song was “Don’t Drive 55” or something like that.

    I feel very old

      • That’s from the winterland 77 show. Looks like they didn’t film Mason

      • Now I am started, and I cannot stop. I am who I am.

        The Dave Mason/Sammy Hagar show was January 29 77 at Winterland. The only time I ever won radio show tickets was this show. The bill was Dave Mason/Alpha Band. The Alpha Band featured T-Bone Burnett and two other guys also from Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue, really quite a good group (three albums) if totally forgotten today.

        However, the concert did not sell very well, I think because everyone was tired of Dave Mason’s schtick by this time–I mean, I wouldn’t have paid, I won my tickets on KSAN-fm by being the third caller or something. Mason’s album at the time was the forgettable Split Coconuts. Dave Mason was actually really good and a big attraction in his time, but that was actually before 1977.

        So BGP added Sammy Hagar, who was hot, and thus we had to see him.At this time Hagar had just gone solo, having left Montrose. You all remember Montrose, right? The linked video was from later in the year (November 77) when Hagar came back as a star. The nine seconds I could stand to watch were the same as I recall.

        I am really old.

      • I made it as far as Sammy calling his bass player “the best in rock”. It is nice that they taped so many shows from winterland and the Capitol though.

  8. JM tags in EVH for Dead&Co Spring ’16 tour?

  9. What the hell he made like 100 million in Mexico. I have tried the Cabo Wabo and I did not think it bad. Kudos for him doing the in today hipster thing and going for quality in 1996. Guy was a visionary

  10. When he said in The Other One doc that he could relate to Bob as the being the best-looking guy in the band, my eyes rolled so hard. Bob Weir is a magical sex unicorn with glowing hair, and you’re just a curly-headed, big-nosed fuck, Sammy.

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