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Oh, This Old Thing?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: This was the the apex of Garcia’s fuckability. We have the exact date.


Some solid fun would be to get yourself a uniform of some sort, snatch out milk crates from under people’s asses, and scream DAIRY POLICE at ’em.


This photo is the aesthetic equivalent of using a giant wooden spool as a coffee table.


Though a remarkably beardy era, not as beardy as right now.


Christ, they played like demons this show.


The Grateful Dead owned at least 70 speaker cabinets.


If the Travis Bean isn’t secretly your favorite of Garcia’s guitars, then you might be a redneck.


  1. HotDogKnight

    This might be my favorite Franklin’s Tower. Also, rumor has it the was the last time the band collectively dosed for a show.

    • Thoughts On The Dead

      I absolutely, positively, 100% believe that rumor. You can hear it in Phil’s stammer.

  2. Corry342

    Legend has it that in September, the mighty Wolf was returned to Doug Irwin for repairs (it took 2+ years). Jer had a gig at Sophies, later Keystone Palo Alto (260 S California), presumably Sep 19 ‘75, and he went to a music store across the street (Drapers) and bought the Bean off the rack. Great story…I hope it was true.

    • Thoughts On The Dead

      I love mundane Origin Stories for Magickal Guitars. That’s how Prince found his Cloud Guitar. “Looked cool hanging on the wall.”

  3. Cube

    The bean is my favorite garcia guitar. Its no secret.

    • Cube

      But probably the other bean. The 77 one.

  4. Drew

    This might be my favorite ever show, or at least the most fun. Definitely my favorite to play loud.

    I liked the TB500 better, but the Beans are #1 and 2 for me too.

    Lot of apexing happening here.

  5. Luther Von Baconson

    This is Good Bean(s) talk

  6. Mean, Green, Devil Eating Machine

    While the break was nice, it was also nice to get back on the road, raggedy equipment and all. Nice to see some familiar faces in the back there,

  7. FormerlyNoThoughts

    I’m not going to research it, but the jackets everyone* wears should remind you how COLD it is in Golden Gate Park, while the great Central Valley was probably way too HOT that same day. *Except Bobby, because Bobby.

  8. Span_sr

    Is that the face of a large cat by Jerry’s left elbow?

  9. MJK

    Leftover W.O.S. speakers with numbers on the side for when assembling that monstrosity. And TOtD always chiding Precarious for his organization skills.

  10. MJK

    I believe this was the debut of the short lived Mesa Boogie phase as well.

  11. Luther Von Baconson

    Pop Shoppe Lemon-Lime?

  12. Luther Von Baconson

    “I don’t usually say this about my peers, but….errrr….I’m a little taken aback at the audacity of 68 and 70”


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