Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Paint By Drummer Morning Guy

Hey, Mickey. Whatcha doing?

“I have no idea! Gonna be honest with you: The fans are not enough ventilation. I’m inhaling a lot of fumes here.”

You look a little woozy.

“Might have had a few Brown Russians, too.”

What’s a Brown Russian?

“Vodka and Yoo-Hoo.”


“Don’t knock ’em until you’ve had eight or nine of ’em. They’ll get on top of you.”

Eight or nine of anything will get on top of you.

“Yeah, but Yoo-Hoo is delicious.”

No, it’s not. Yoo-Hoo is the only beverage that produces thirst. You need a drink after you drink a Yoo-Hoo.

“That’s what the vodka’s for!”

Sure. Mickey?


There’s paint on your face.

“You should see my balls.”



  1. michael Debruin

    The fulfillment of chromatic revelation. Selah.

  2. JES

    Big Strawberry Yoo-Hoo fan here. Hits the spot after a long sweaty bike ride. Better living through chemistry and such-like. Gonna have to get a nice cold dose of it soon, now that it’s on my mind . . .

    (Not gonna make a Pink Russian, though).

  3. Mean, Green, Devil Eating Machine

    Chocolate syrup, with a dash of coffee syrup, and some milk. Stir it up. Add a big shot of seltzer. Stir. Drink.

  4. Tor Haxson

    Mickey actually has apprentices, or workers, or something.

    I mean someone helps him spin the crazy spinning paint-huffing machine.

    I mean he has a staff, not sure if he has them during the pandemic, but just imagine if that was your summer job.

    You drive out to Mickey’s house, start at an indeterminate hour, finish at an indeterminate hour, and you spin the giant spinning paint-er-wheel.

    You might get dosed, you will smoke weed, and perhaps instead of assisting with painting you will trim bonsai, or dust off the frying pan/wooden clog percussion array.

  5. Chester Humph

    Love you, buddy. Listen to this:

  6. Gerald D'Entremont

    1st mate on boat I fished on out of Venice swore by Yoo-Hoo while offshore

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