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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Papa, Papa, Many Worlds I’ve Come

pope francis group selfie.jpg

“Hey! Look-a me! Pope’s at-a da Olympics!”

I don’t think you are, Pope Francis.

“Si, si. I make-a da joke. Is-a very diverse, this-a selfie.”

Hearteningly so.

“Jesus don’t-a care where-a you come from. He care-a where you go to.”

Well, that’s lovely, Your Holiness.

“Is-a no me. From-a some song. Maybe Stryper. You-a remember Stryper?”


“The yellow and-a black attack. Needed less-a time praying, more-time practicing.”

Not a great band, no.

“If-a you can-a be called ‘sub-Dokken,’ then you ain’t-a no good.”


“Dokken had-a da best wig in-a rock and roll.”

I had no idea you were such an aficionado of ’80’s hair metal, Pope Francis.

“Si, si. Before I was-a da priest, I was-a da bouncer.”

I heard that.

“At-a da Rainbow Bar & Grill on-a da Strip.”

That’s not true.

“Was like-a da Paul Stanley said: crazy, crazy, crazy nights.”

He did say that.

“Every night was-a da party. So much-a skank.”

I would imagine.

“And-a Lemmy at-a da corner of-a da bar. High as-a da kite and-a playing da video poker. Resquiet in pace, Lemmy.”


“You no say-a Amen. I say-a Amen.”


“I-a forgive you.”

You been watching the Olympics?

“I been-a praying for-a da Rio.”

Same thing.

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  1. Lol, sub-Dokken…

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