Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Slight Questioning

  1. What would Jimi have sounded like with a decent band?
  2. Were the drums completely overdubbed, or flown in from another set?
  3. Was Precarious in charge of the mics?
  4. How good was the weed in Hawaii in 1970 that everyone’s just sitting there?
  5. Is “kept getting caught jerking off on guard duty” the funniest reason someone’s been thrown out of the Army?


  1. pl0rd

    I had the same question about the seated crowd.

    Except for Miss 4:02 who is obviously incapable of anything but the most basic motor functions, she gets a pass. Like: I KNOW that feel, girl, go with it.

  2. corry342

    The jimi plus band question will never be answered, sadly
    drums probably overdubbed
    Audience was paid, probably didn’t know who Hendrix was. Hawaii was cool and all, but I don’t actually think it was super-hip in 1970 save for surfing matters. Did they have a good FM station? I have no idea.

    To properly get a grip on Rainbow Bridge, you have to see it at a midnight movie in your sleepy suburban town in about 1973. So, set the Time Sheath…

    • Carlos

      Great footage, actually Nicholas schou excellent book ‘orange sunshine -brotherhood of eternal love’ which I now see has bern made into a doc. Talks about the Hawaii Hendrix concerts as being somehow put on by the brotherhood, I think -can’t quite remember. Interview of author here

  3. Mean, Green, Devil Eating Machine

    1a. Played guitar in the correct orientation?

  4. EyesDude

    is this the rainbow bridge film? it’s been like 100 years since i’ve seen it, but memory suggests the set he played on the flying V was much better than the set he played on the strat.

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