Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Sometimes We Ride On Kim Jong-Un’s Horses, Sometimes We Ride Alone

Hey, Bobby. Happy birthday, pal.

“Yup. Another, uh, spin around the sun. You don’t feel the earth circling the sucker, but it does.”

You’re 72.

“Not when I am. I’m around 40.”

The real you.

“I am the real me. David Lee Roth wouldn’t smoke cigars with a doppelganger.”

That’s not David Lee Roth, Bobby. It’s Rickie Lee Jones.

“Well, that explains why he doesn’t have any cocaine.”


“I, uh, gotta take this. It might be Sammy Hagar.”

It’s not.

“Weir Here.”

“Hairy Garcia! I come get. We be cowboys.”

“That is an intriguing offer.”

“Hairy Garcia already think he cowboy. Come be with Kim Jong-Un. You be Butch. I be Sundance Kim.”

“I’m still listening.”

“We rope. We ride. Chuckwagon follow. Coffee in tin cup.”

“Gosh, I’m tempted, but I got gigs with the Wolf Brothers coming up.”

“No more gig. I have Don Was executed.”


“Yes. Tired of looking at feet. Flip-flops for beach! Is not rock and roll!”

“Well, now I’m a little peeved.”

“Take out frustration on prairie. We shoot Injun.”


“I dress up political prisoners like Navajo. Then I shoot.”

“That’s awful.”

“Is better than starving to death! Which is what they were gonna do!”

“I don’t want to play Cowboys and Indians with you, Kim Jong-Un.”

“Grateful Dead no fun no more.”


  1. JES

    Do you think the Younger Enthusiasts realized that people used to dress in bath towels in the ’80s?

    • Thoughts On The Dead

      You refer to Bobby’s terried cloth?

      • JES

        Yassir. Plus I have an old beach towel that looks like Rickie Lee’s ensemble.

  2. Mike

    You just know that Bobby funded the Tamalpais Chiefs gear

  3. Luther Von Baconson

    In my drunken/high state I thought that was Garcia doing Horse Therapy in Mongolia. probably would’ve been a good thing

    • Luther Von Baconson

      Dunno if you cats are Hep to Mongolian Horse Therapy. There’s flogging involved (of the human you see), then Communing with Horses

      • JES


        (Oh, there’s Sammy).

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