Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Soul Man

“Where you been, boy? Feelin’ sorry for yo’self some more?”


“Whiskey’ll help that! Some folks bother Th’ Lord, but the ol’ Pig figures He’s too busy for my piddlin’ nonsense.”

I cannot abide spirits, Pig.

“How ’bout a feisty negress?”

We’ve talked about that phrase.

“The ol’ Pig will pronouncify in his own way! Don’t try reconstructin’ me. I died in 1973, dammit!”

I know, I know.

“You wake up this mornin’?”


“Then you’re doin’ better’n a lotta folks! You got sugar f’r your coffee?”

I do.

“Then you’re doin’ better’n most everybody! You got th’ blues, then let ’em out! Can’t be lettin’ the blues fester!”

You’re always right, Pig.

“Someone’s gotta be!”


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    Amen, brother

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