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Swinging Party

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While not exactly the most rock star of footwear, the duck boots are a pragmatic and laudable decision by Mickey: you take care of your feet and your feet’ll take care of you, as Mickey never said. The fact that they don’t have little Stealies monogrammed onto them is surprising.

We can also see from Joan Baez’s boots that weather might have been a concern that day, so it’s lucky that Garcia slipped on the same globs of brown leather he’s been wearing every single day for three years.

Also, you’ve heard of Bitchy Resting Face? Joan Baez has Bitchy Smiling Face; inside her skull, she is screaming silently over the fact that Garcia is smoking in her house.  And right before the picture, she made them hide their doobies because one must keep up one’s image, dontcha know. In fact, this entire afternoon played out like a Marx Brothers routine and she was Margaret Dumont.

Or is this Mickey’s house? Wouldn’t you agree that Joan Baez has a real firm “no shoes in the house” policy? Right? That shit gets enforced: Joan Baez will cut you.

It can’t be Garcia’s place: judging from the flannel and general air of malaise and hygienic malfeasance, this would be the period that Garcia lived in his dealer’s basement.

Y’think Mickey ever porked Joan Baez on that hammock-chair thing?

Couldn’t help yourself, could you?


  1. I wondered the same thing. This is pretty clearly the same room (check those shutters) from that bummer ’85 Frets interview with the tarred fingers and the hog legs and the B.O. and the what-have-you, and I think it took place in a “deadhead’s” basement where Garcia was shacked up.

    So I think this is Garcia’s pad, such as it was. But what deadhead?

    • Scully. (I think. Corrections would be welcome.)

      • I can’t specifically disagree, but kinda felt like this must be something else.

        I read the Scully book too – then donated it, which in hindsight is ridiculous – but it left me with a different picture than this. One with more balls of tin foil stuck in the carpet.

  2. Mickey and Joan were once “romantically linked,” as they say, so I imagine the answer to the porking question is probably yes.

  3. Madame Baez as Margaret Dumont, that’s a picture in my head for the rest of my life.

  4. It was Hepburn Heights…and it was the woman who rented it from him, Nora Sage.

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